If we are not happy now, can we be later?

Happy statue


In a recent workshop this question was asked by one of the participants:

If we are not happy now, can we be later?

Now, as then, the issue possibly needs to be considered from a number of perspectives.

Firstly, we may wish to ponder the relevance, or otherwise, of believing our happiness is linked to external elements such as time. The labels ‘Now’ and ‘Later’ merely indicate a passing of minutes, hours, days, and so forth.

Secondly, to what extent does our definition of being happy now include or exclude every area of life? Could we not be happy with our home life whilst feeling unhappy with our professional one or vice versa? ‘All or nothing’ thinking invariably closes us off from seeing a fuller vision of life.

Thirdly, we might not be content to be in the middle of a testing situation, but we should not forget the transient nature of everything, nor that we have the opportunity to enjoy – or at least appreciate – our efforts of rendering the moment as good as possible before it passes.

If you’d like to explore the issues referred to here as part of a complimentary coaching session, via Skype or Google+ hangout, please get in contact.

In the meantime, thanks for reading this ‘If we are not happy now, can we be later?‘ post today.


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