Why hope seems to reside in tomorrow

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As we go about dealing with our scheduled – and unscheduled – tasks making up this moment in time, we might wish to briefly spare a thought as to why hope seems to reside in tomorrow rather than in today.

Possibly a general lack of satisfaction many people derive from their occupation or lifestyle leads to such thinking about what they would like to find around the corner.

On a more positive note, it may refer to a form of delayed gratification, an appreciation we can say of the value to be found in waiting for tomorrow today.

Why hope seems to reside in tomorrow could also be related to the general development of life. Experience suggests we evolve, crops grow and investments may provide a good return over time.

Without wishing to bring a negative tone to this post, it would be remiss of me to not state the usual disclaimer: “Past performance does not guarantee future results.”

Maximizing efforts today likewise does not ensure a better tomorrow. Even so, operating fully without worrying excessively about the rewards our efforts will, or will not, bring is a way of living in the present, whilst not distracting ourselves too much as to why hope seems to reside in tomorrow.

Regardless of the perspective we give to the issue, let me just thank you for connecting here today and reading this Why hope seems to reside in tomorrow post.


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