Turning from the ugliness of the moment

Ugliness in the city

No matter where we are, and I hope you are in a beautiful place right now, turning from the ugliness of the moment is something we can all do. This is especially so when we widen the scope of what we mean as ugliness to include negative world events, collective concerns and personal fears.

Rather than suggesting we should bury our heads in the sand, nor even ignore whatever we dislike, we can choice to manage our attitude towards the ugliness of the moment.

Personal fears deserve focused attention to investigate their validity plus the element of learning they might contain for us. Turning from the ugliness of the moment, in this case, would be a case of looking below the surface to comprehend what we need to take on board before dismissing the rest.

Collective concerns, such as unusual climatic occurrences for example, likewise require a clear-headed effort to understand what each of us is able to do to at least not perpetuate the situation. Turning from the ugliness of the moment here would be more a question of turning the matter around to gain insight and find a way through the mess.

Negative world events have the power to overwhelm us only of we give away our ability to face them with intelligence and objectivity. Turning from the ugliness of the moment in this instance would mean trusting ourselves and the world at large to overcome ugliness with goodness, compassion and beauty.

Ramblings no doubt, but thanks nonetheless for connecting and reading this post today. If you’d like to share your input on the issue of Turning from the ugliness of the moment, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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