Is seeing red our most beneficial response to the moment?

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Anger has its place in our toolkit and occasionally is useful as a way to focus our efforts but then again, is seeing red our most beneficial response to the moment?

We might wish to lash out and let our frustration have its time in the spotlight. However, rarely are we rewarded with a positive outcome when this occurs. Just as we heighten the tension in an already stressful situation, others will likewise react to our outburst in a similar way.

Asking ourselves ‘Is seeing red our most beneficial response to the moment?’ and taking a while to ponder our answer goes a long way toward managing our reaction. After an appropriate amount of reflection – each of us knows how much is appropriate – we are in a position to take action, react or let go.

If we are the type of people who like to keep our emotions in check, a laser-like sharp-tongued quip would impact greatly on those around us. Accordingly, the reply to the enquiry ‘Is seeing red our most beneficial response to the moment?’ is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Folk more inclined to puff and blow at the slightest provocation have in a certain sense already given away any advantage by responding angrily as ‘Seeing red’ will be viewed by everyone as ’their natural way of being’.

All in all, finding our ‘best’ approach to life remains a personal quest. To join the conversation here on the issue of the question ‘Is seeing red our most beneficial response to the moment?’ please leave a comment below.

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About Brian

Brian Groves DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer, Coach, Trainer and Author, supplies professional and personal development to a portfolio of corporate and individual clients.

As an Adjunct Professor at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, Brian taught a postgraduate course, using four characters taken from dramatic texts as coaching clients, to examine various work-related performance matters.

Brian’s goal is to support through coaching, training and writing all who wish to live their potential, in education, work or life in general.

You can contact Brian via e-mail (, by clicking on the icons or leaving a comment below.

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