Do you feel you are rushing through life, missing choices and opportunities?
Tired of ‘going through the motions’ instead of ‘living your potential’?
Looking for more from each day beyond the race to keep up with society?

By providing ‘Slow Lane Coaching’, coaching aimed at helping clients move with mindfulness to their heartfelt career and life goals, I am fortunate to work with individuals who appreciate success on their terms, rather than those imposed by society.

Life occurs moment by moment, and we should not be afraid to live it at our own pace. At times, this might mean travelling flat out. But then, there are also periods in which the journey from Point A to Point B, C, D, or Z deserves to be embraced and experienced, even as we implement plans to reach our goals.

Coaching in the form of a confidential non-judgemental conversation, with you setting the agenda, is a collaborative relationship capable of helping you:

Clarify your professional and personal choices;
Align your life with your values, vision and objectives;
Create a life lived to the fullest, based on what is important to you.

Coaching often leads to change, action or simply awareness of the power, beauty and abundance already present in your life.

Even so, I cannot change you; only you can do that. However, as your coach, I will listen, challenge, encourage and, to quote one of my clients, kick you with compassion and kindness, for the sake of helping you let your potential shine.

Having completed the International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) of the Coaches Training Institute, UK, I have obtained the title Coach and adhere to ICF guidelines.

“Before the meeting, I was sceptical about coaching: how can a stranger help me? But after a few moments, I was very pleasantly surprised. During the session, I found some very important answers. I found them, but Brian showed me where I should start looking for them.” Journalist and postgraduate student, Krakow, Poland

“Brian was able to go straight to the core of the issue, helping me to see what I had been unable to notice: my potential, my skills, and the value of being unique. As a result, I have rediscovered my motivation and am ready for new challenges.” University teacher, Lucerne, Switzerland

“Brian’s coaching was inspirational and challenging. He didn’t allow me to stand small but supported me whilst I found my feet on an altogether bigger game. My business will really take off now with my new approach and focus.” Corporate consultant, Stafford, England

“I appreciate the hard questions you ask. … Life-changing decisions rarely come about with ease. I have a sense that you honor and respect that above all else as you walk beside others.” Graphic designer, Iowa, USA

“Brian’s coaching changed my life. He shaped our coaching relationship on trust and unlimited faith in me that I could go to my highest possible levels. He did not give up on me. He stayed with me where I was and let me open all the possibilities.” Sales training manager, Brussels, Belgium

“During one particular telephone session, Brian helped me find the answer inside myself to a tricky question that was troubling me. Coaching provided the space for me to explore the issue without judgement or criticism and gave me the tools to move forward.” Admin assistant, printing services sector, Turin, Italy


To discover how coaching in English or Italian can help you achieve your goals, contact me via e-mail ( or leave a comment below for a free no-obligation appointment via Skype, Zoom or Google Meet/Hangout.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius


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