Coaching workshops in English and Italian

What are they?

Workshops aimed at the development of personal competences and interpersonal abilities. Though these are soft skills, their impact is often noticeable at a business level.

Possible benefits include:

• Barriers to the individual’s and group’s performance identified;

• Increased awareness of the individual’s and group’s potential;

• Enhanced communication.

Who are they for?

Any organization, department, team or group of individuals looking to live and work more effectively. These experiential offerings are ideal as standalone sessions, supplementary training to existing learning programmes or team building events. The workshops are created for a minimum of four participants and a maximum of sixteen.

Workshop testimonials

Influenced by Brian’s energy and enthusiasm, I and the other participants quickly entered into the spirit of these non-judgemental sessions in order to share input and observations freely. On a personal level, it was interesting to learn how others face issues that before I felt were exclusive to me! Thank you Brian for running these workshops. Workshop participant, Modena, Italy

Thanks to Brian I have become more aware of my potential. And, with respect to the past, I face the unexpected and the daily routine more positively without losing heart. I have understood how important it is to not be distracted and to concentrate on the present. Workshop participant, Modena, Italy

Available workshops

Each workshop deals with a theme related to the world of work today. Based on specific needs, the client can choose a 90-minute workshop from:

– A sense of humour – Abundance – Achieving success
– Action versus Reaction – Appreciating ourselves – Appreciation
– Authenticity – Awareness – Balance
– Being and Doing – Being grateful – Being present
– Believing in ourselves – Clarity – Collaborative working
– Communication – Curiosity and Creativity – Elements of theatre at work
– Empathy – Ethics – Exploring choices
– Finding balance – Give and Have – Integrity
– Leadership – Letting go – Listening to the silence
– Living effectively – Living our vision – Living positively
– Living the potential – Managing fear – Managing stress
– Marketing and Sales – Mindfulness – Motivation
– Optimism – Overcoming obstacles – Performance at work
– Perseverance – Personal leadership – Positioning
– Reaching our goals – Respect – Responsibility
– Sociability – Speaking up – Taking action
– Teamwork – Thinking at work – Time management
– Using soft skills – Working with change – Working with intuition

To evaluate how through these coaching workshops I can help you achieve your goals, please contact me via email or leave a comment below and we can set up a free no obligation appointment via the telephone, Skype or Google+ hangout.

Free mini workshops

The objective of the free mini workshops below is to provide some practical tools for us to live our potential in this changing world. Questions are asked and, to gain the most from these workshops, it is suggested pausing the videos from time to time in order to ponder them.

Personal leadership. A free mini workshop.

Being ourselves. A free mini workshop.

Managing fear. A free mini workshop.

Living our potential. A free mini workshop.

Kindest regards.


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Twitter: @bgdtcoaching











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