Are we resonating with the world around us?

January 7, 2018


Streets around us

Questions leading to a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer leave little space for in-depth reflection. Yet in certain cases, our answer is clear to us and we are able to cope without the benefit of such pondering. The inquiry ‘Are we resonating with the world around us?’ cuts to the core of our outlook, deserving a few words here.

With our goals set, plans in place and efforts focused, it is easy to be unconcerned with anything attempting to distract us from our endeavour. At such times, we offer a resounding ‘No’ to the query ‘Are we resonating with the world around us?’ We are ‘in the zone’ and able to ignore everything else.

Still, even when we are concentrated on achieving this or that, our presence and awareness is part of the world around us. Resonating with it – without getting wrapped up in events and situations we have little or no control over – is an option worth, at least, evaluating.

As ever, other perspectives are available to us. Spending a few moments exploring these could change our response to the initial question ‘Are we resonating with the world around us?

For now, thanks for reading this ‘Are we resonating with the world around us?’ post today.

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