Being our best whilst taking on new skills

June 15, 2017

Bubbles as skills


It can be somewhat testing to go about being our best whilst taking on new skills. After all, we might find ourselves way out of our comfort zone when taking on the role of a student.

We surely have invested much time and effort to reach where we are. To find ourselves without all the answers during the learning process, even as we go about being our best whilst taking on new skills is no easy thing.

Being our best possibly involves being fully present in whatever we are doing at any specific moment. It is additionally related to bringing authenticity to the situation. In terms of taking on new skills, this would perhaps lead to an acceptance of ‘steps back’ or ‘stumbles forward’, prior to us mastering the material.

Being our best whilst taking on new skills is ideally a way of being no different from how we are at all times. Instead of making a distinction between this moment and that, a goal we may have is to be our best at all times irrespective of what we are doing or attempting to achieve. If this is so then it becomes easier to shift energy towards development activities as how we are is, so to speak, already sorted.

Thanks for reading this ‘Being our best whilst taking on new skills’ post today, ideally it has provided some food for thought.

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