Being ready for daily challenges

July 27, 2017


Being ready for daily challenges might involve any number of crucial steps. Some of these, by the nature of the challenges themselves, will be specific. Others may take on a more generic feel. We can explore three of these general steps now.

1. Being ready for daily challenges
Rather than diving straight into the day, mentally reviewing with a positive outcome clearly in mind the planned events and commitments of the upcoming twenty-four hours, gives guidance to the day.

2. Being ready for daily challenges
Cultivating a ‘winning mentality’ over the course of time helps us manage daily challenges. We nurture this mentality by reminding ourselves of our past achievements and moments in which we demonstrated, even if only to ourselves, our potential to handle successfully various issues.

3. Being ready for daily challenges
Accepting in advance whatever the day offers us, and holding onto the intention to face things as they are rather than spending time and energy fighting against the reality, keeps us focused on our objectives.

Regardless of how well we prepare ourselves, however, there are going to be occasions we ‘lose’. That said, we ‘win’ also then when we take learning from those instances and use the lessons to perform better next time.

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