Clearing obstacles from the proverbial road ahead

December 23, 2018

Obstacle in the road

With so much going on all, it is easy to lose sight of the fact a new year is just around the corner. But it is, and getting ourselves organized, having already drawn up goals for the coming twelve months, could include clearing obstacles from the proverbial road ahead.

Ensuring we are ready to strive forward after the holiday season is ‘done and dusted’ is very much a personal responsibility. Clearing obstacles from the proverbial road ahead might involve a number of tasks, small or large. All will, in any case, impact on how we experience the start of the new year.

The form of the clearing obstacles from the proverbial road ahead initiative is as individual as we are. It might mean blocking off chunks of time to concentrate on one specific activity. Alternatively, we may need to use the next few weeks to bring together certain pieces of information or even equipment to guarantee we start 2019 on the right foot.

Whatever it takes, clearing obstacles from the proverbial road ahead is something each of us can and ought to do if we are serious about living our potential. On the contrary, if we prefer to let things drift we should not be surprised to find ourselves in the same position as we are now this time next year.

Quite often I close these posts with an offer of a complimentary coaching conversation via Skype or Google+ hangout to reflect together the issues raised here. Today I won’t, but feel free to get in touch so we can sort something for early January.

For now, thanks for reading this ‘Clearing obstacles from the proverbial road ahead’ post and, Happy Holidays.


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