The grit in integrity

March 6, 2016

Flint wall

Without question, we can all identify with the grit in integrity. It is that element capable of powering us over obstacles, energizing us in moments of difficulty and pushing us across chasms of doubt. It is a hard edge, though possibly wrapped in kindness towards our true self and others.

Yet what exactly is the grit in integrity? Perhaps it relates to the steely determination to reach goals no matter what. It could be connected to a deep motivation we hold within us to prove something to either ourselves or someone important to us.

There may be anger or pain, passion and belief at the heart of the grit in integrity. As ever, we all know our own reasoning for wanting to achieve anything. Many times it is not necessary to put into words the source of our strength.

Having the grit in integrity is most likely enough, without resorting to definitions or such like. Thinking about integrity, it might be a valid exercise to reflect on the impact it has on our daily encounters.

Being true to our values, ‘walking our talk’ to use a cliché, is a way of living with integrity. Those around are able to rely on us. We keep our word, do what we say we will do and, although surely we are not perfect, we strive to be our best in all we do.

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