Falling down

December 18, 2016


Snow falling down


No connection should be made to this post entitled ‘Falling down‘ and the previous one with the title ‘On the edge’. Although it can appear to be a message of some sort, that is not the intention.

Ideally progress is linear and directly related to preparation and effort. The reality is not always so. We might engage fully in a project with the aim of bettering ourselves only to discover for whatever reasons we are falling down on the standards required by our assessors.

From the perspective of our ongoing development, there could easily be times in which we seem to be struggling, yet make progress. Provided we are open enough to taking learning from the experience, the adversity of falling down will at least bring us something positive.

Falling down is human and part of the journey to being our best. Remaining on the ground and wallowing in our discomfort is maybe human too, but not an attractive option likely to be beneficial to anyone. Likewise, blaming ourselves or others involved in the endeavour does little good.

Other perspectives regarding the issue of falling down are surely valid. If you’d like to join the conversation here about falling down, please leave a comment below.


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