How much are you really using your intuition?

June 11, 2017



By asking ‘How much are you really using your intuition?’ it might seem there is an element of judgement about the extent intuition is used. That is not my intention. I am actually curious to learn the frequency to which intuition is turned to when facing choices and the like.

On many occasions, we may feel intuition is guiding us in the decision-making process. ‘How much are you really using your intuition?’ “Lots”, we reply. The actual help, however, is often the tendency to follow tried and tested patterns of behaviour.

Habits can appear as intuition for the sake of lulling us into believing we are putting our best interests first. The reality could be it is the much sought after ‘quiet life’ calling the shots.

The path of least resistance is not the only way forward. There will be other times in which, in answer to the question ‘How much are you really using your intuition?’, we respond ‘”More or less a hundred percent.”

Circumstances too play their part in crafting a response to the inquiry ‘How much are you really using your intuition?’ That said, it is for us to decide when we turn to our intuition for guidance, especially as it rarely lets us down.

Given the personal nature of the question ‘How much are you really using your intuition?’, if you’d like to explore it as part of a complimentary coaching conversation via Skype or Google+ hangout, please get in touch.

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