Letting go of crazy comparisons

January 30, 2020

Letting go of making crazy comparisons – crazy from the perspective of us being unable to live up to those we choose to assess ourselves against as they are the originals, and at best we can only be copies of them – is a way of keeping ourselves sane.

Why we are so fixated in benchmarking ourselves to acquaintances, social media stars or other such folk is worthy of a post in itself. Nevertheless, it is a habit we can identify with. Letting go of crazy comparisons would put a stop to this equally foolish practice.

On most occasions, it is unfair to evaluate ourselves against others. We all have personal characteristics, skills and experience, making us each unique. Knowing ‘apples’ are different from ‘pears’ gives us a further reason to engage in letting go of crazy comparisons.

For these reasons alone, it is worth suggesting we go about letting go of crazy comparisons.

And letting go of crazy comparisons frees up precious energy and mental effort – two items few of us can ever have too much of – for more strategic exercises.

Of course, there will be situations in which it is necessary to compete with other people. In these instances, may the best, or at least the most suitable person, win.

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