One of many

November 8, 2012

Stones on the beach

What unites us is surely greater than what separates us.

However, as humans we are each a unique character with a personal way of being.

One of many maybe, but one nonetheless.

We all bring something to this world irrespective of whether we stand out like a rock or mingle with the shingle.

One of many to many, ‘the one’ to some: who looks to you because without you they would be lost at work, alone in their existence, or unloved in life?

Many times problems arise as we start comparing ourselves with others. Examples abound of ‘them’ doing this or that, going here and there, barely pausing for breath as they update their status. Social media or social hype?

That we can choose who to follow, what to like or when to connect even remains an area, one of many hopefully, over which we still have control. It’s true pressure to conform can be enormous, yet despite that, or possibly because of it, individuality deserves recognition.

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