What positives can we take from the year to date?

June 4, 2017

Positive cricket match


With time marching on it is easy to lose sight of recent achievements so, let’s look now by asking what positives can we take from the year to date?

The focus we choose to apply to the question ‘What positives can we take from the year to date?’ will in many respects determine what we find. We might wish to see a number of completed activities. Alternatively, our vision could be more far-reaching. Possibly certain projects have been successfully initiated and their eventual conclusions set for a future date.

By raising the question ‘What positives can we take from the year to date?’ we may actually be bringing to the surface our thoughts regarding the way the year has developed over the course of these initial months. Ideally, we are on track with our goals and plans to reach them.

What positives can we take from the year to date? “As many as our insight and even imagination offers us” could be the response.

If, on the other hand, we discover things are not so straightforward as originally hoped, now is perhaps a good moment to take stock of the situation and implement necessary adjustments to bring them back on course.

To end this brief inquiry into the first half of the year, let me leave the matter with you, so: “What positives can we take from the year to date?

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February 11, 2013


    Noting progress is often about looking at where we started from and seeing where we are right now.

     In the field of personal development, however, the distance covered can at times seem negligible. To evaluate progress, it may be more beneficial to measure the success achieved in deepening our understanding of the matter in question.

    Exertion without progress is of course quite possible, especially if we are grappling with an issue beyond our comfort zone. In such cases our efforts could provide their own learning, perhaps regarding the need of additional support, time for assimilation, and so forth.

    On occasions, our progress from the point of view of others might seem trifling and, if the endeavour results in changes not to their liking, even negative. ‘Saying no’, ‘Trusting our intuition’, and ‘Setting our own agenda’ are just a few areas of development in which progress has the potential to possibly unsettle others close to us.

     Yet personal development remains personal. We cannot be responsible for the attitude others have concerning our desire for progress.

    Thanks for stopping by today. To join the conversation on the issue of progress, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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