Being conscious of differing perspectives

July 5, 2020

Being conscious of differing perspectives is a prerequisite for operating as part of a team. Appreciating we all have an individual outlook on life, created with personal values and influences, is crucial to getting along together and, ideally, prospering.

Being conscious of differing perspectives opens the door to creativity, a kaleidoscope of experiences and ideas.

This variety itself is an additional benefit of moving away from workforces consisting of like-minded folk. The contrasts provided by people from varying backgrounds help stimulate fresh thinking and previously unseen opportunities.

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October 6, 2013

Various types of tomatoes

Even if usual tasks apparently offer us few occasions for variety, with effort we can invariably find ways to add it to our day.

Various small targets can be set to induce variety: aim to smile five times in ten minutes; avoid saying anything negative to the next person we meet; find three reasons to be grateful as we look around right now. These, and others, can change our perspective without altering our tasks.

Variety of attitudes remains ever under our control be it at work or indeed anywhere else. Choosing to be positive, happy, content, caring or cooperative, for example, ensures we are at least not adding to the often perceived ‘unhappiness’ of the day.

With an open mind variety can present itself in numerous guises. We might wish to examine habits and routines, especially if these are usually undertaken as if on autopilot. With just a little effort our world could expand as variety brings to light opportunities previously hidden behind out-dated actions.

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April 20, 2010

Why Freelance?

Why do we do it? What makes us push ourselves to continually learn more, be more, give more? I’m thinking about those of us in that category commonly referred to as solopreneurs, one-man/woman outfits, the self-employed.

We probably don’t receive sick pay, holiday pay, end-of-year bonuses, and so forth. The hours are anything but regular in all likelihood, so why do we do it? Frustrations come and go; doubts pop up, yet the following keep me moving forward with this seemingly reckless behaviour.


I’m not suggesting those in other forms of employment are less authentic. I’m referring to the opportunity for me to be true to who I am and what I believe in, without compromises resulting from adherence to ‘corporate policy, company objectives, and management decisions’.


As freedom is one of the values I treasure most in life, being a freelancer fits with this. I can choose the direction of my activities in order to achieve my goals. The period of work is, more or less, under my control. Furthermore, I am in a position to collaborate with like-minded people for various projects without the need to refer the decision ‘up the line’.


I know the ‘type’ of clients I love working with: decent folk seeking to explore their choices, perhaps needing a space in which to be heard, wishing to fulfill their potential, knowing life is not just about chasing more, attracted by the simplicity and beauty of life but possibly only now beginning to move in that direction. Although there is no formal filtering process, I’d say over the past years many of my clients ‘fit’ this profile.


I love the quiet periods of my work dedicated to study and writing. The marketing, fiscal, administrative and IT requirements of being self-employed provide opportunities to interact with professionals from other sectors. Time spent with clients, whether as participants of training sessions or as coaching clients, represents the peak moments of my work.


Someone said we stop working the day we begin working for ourselves. Well, in terms of enjoyment of what I do, I can understand the sentiment. It gets me up early each day, pushes me to be disciplined and focused as I go about my tasks. Likewise, it encourages me to take time out for reflection, friends, family and fitness. I certainly wouldn’t want to exchange this job for another.

‘ALIVE’, the best way to describe how I feel about my life as a freelancer. And you? I look forward to hearing your perspectives on this question.


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