From what perspective are you seeing today?

August 3, 2017

Perspective of colour


The answer you offer to the question ‘From what perspective are you seeing today?’ speaks volumes about how the day is going and indeed from where you are reading this.

When we are able to push past the immediate clouds of the day, the panorama before us could represent the opportunities we have, even if they were originally invisible to us. That they exist can help us in our efforts to actually see them and eventually embrace them.

Naturally, there will be times we need to give our full attention to a vision of today not fully to our liking. Whether related to work or any other obligation we have towards life, the outlook whilst not necessarily desired deserves our consideration.

So, from what perspective are you seeing today? How do you feel about whatever is before you? To what extent are you living the moment as opposed to merely passing through it? Your responses will possibly provide insight to help you manage not only today but also tomorrow.

In this instance, nevertheless, it is time to end this ‘From what perspective are you seeing today?’ post.

Kindest regards.


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