When to let go of holding on

January 6, 2019

The initial days of the new year are still in our minds yet possibly the idea of when to let go of holding on to unhealthy habits and the like is already fading as we get caught up in our old routine.

We are in essence the sum of our habits, thoughts, dreams and actions and provided these items are creating our desired life all is good. But whatever the situation, being conscious of when to let go of holding on keeps us in good stead, today and surely for the rest of the year.

We instinctively know what areas of life we need to review with regard to our habits and actions. Those we are unhappy with, or at least not convinced are still in our best interest, will be prime candidates to be let go of.

The key, however, might reside in the word ‘when’ of the enquiry ‘when to let go of holding on’. Timing plays an important role in managing our efforts to take full advantage of habits, plus giving us input about the best moment to let go of it.

The Japanese saying “Hold tight, release immediately” comes to mind to best sum up the thinking.

For now, thanks for being here and for reading this ‘When to let go of holding on’ post today.

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