How our surroundings impact on us

September 17, 2017

Surroundings impacting on us


To discover how our surroundings impact on us we might wish to first explore where we are exactly right now.

Rather than being in the location shown in the picture, I am drafting this sitting in one of the staff rooms at the university in Milan. The furnishings and fixtures all mirror the status of the institution. As colleagues go about their business around me, I am letting the pencil dance across the A4 notebook I use to capture ideas for these posts.

It is possible you are reading this whilst on the move. The people around you may be strangers to you or folk you know well. The location is ideally pleasant and perhaps also creatively stimulating, depending on the nature of what you are doing there.

How our surroundings impact on us then perhaps is much to do with how we feel where we are and linked closely to the objects and the people there with us.

We are, in any case, capable of blocking out the world and ignoring our senses to focus fully on a matter irrespective of our locality. In these instances ‘How our surroundings impact on us’ is no longer a valid exploration as we are immune, so to speak, from the surroundings and their influence on us.

Of course, the individual aspect of where we are renders any inquiry to how our surroundings impact on us personal to each of us. In any case, thanks for spending a few minutes of your time reading this ‘How our surroundings impact on us’.

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