March 14, 2021

Sometimes, we will win.
On occasions, we won’t will.
What does each look like?


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Brian Groves DipM FCIM Chartered Marketer, Coach, Trainer and Author, supplies professional and personal development to a portfolio of corporate clients and individuals, mainly motivated young and mid-life professionals who wish to live their potential, in education, work or life in general.

As an Adjunct Professor at the Università Cattolica, Milan, Italy, Brian teaches the International graduate course Leadership coaching: bringing potential to the stage of work and provides teaching, tutoring, coaching, and mentoring as part of the International Virtual Internship Program.

In past semesters, he additionally taught the International graduate course Personal marketing: performance skills at work, plus the Interfaculty postgraduate course Training through drama and coaching for work.

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June 28, 2010

Peak Moments as Stepping Stones

A peak moment is reached when we have done our best, fulfilled our potential and experienced that euphoric mood of being on top of the world as a result of our effort. Whether the action is recognized by others or not is beyond our control, we know and that’s what counts.

Once attained, the temptation is to settle with a satisfied glow and bask in the warmth of the sensation of achievement. This behaviour is certainly understandable. After all, we’ve worked hard for our glory so why not enjoy it?

As with everything, however, success is not permanent. Each day new challenges arise requiring our attention as we work towards realizing our dreams and goals. It can be tiring to begin anew but that’s life. However, if we choose, the peak moments can help propel us forward.

Reconnecting with the achievement, perhaps with our eyes closed and our imagination fully tuned to the moment of accomplishment, we can use the tingling feeling we might be experiencing to energize us into focused thinking on the new matter to hand.

As we relive our peak moment, what do we need to do to bring about success in this fresh endeavour? The answer might surprise us; we may feel unsure about our ability to reach such heights. Yet let’s not forget we probably had similar self-doubts about the challenge we now look on as a triumph.

Repetition of success is certainly not guaranteed; we still need to put in the hard work, but the taste of victory is no longer unknown to us. Winning once means we have it in us to win again.

The task before us may well be daunting; the game has gotten bigger. Accordingly, if we stand tall, remember we can bring our full potential into our efforts and use our peak moments as stepping stones, we can enjoy the opportunity to be our best again.

As Brian Tracy said: “Only by contending with challenges that seem to be beyond your strength to handle at the moment you can grow more surely toward the stars.”

Have a great week.



June 10, 2010

Winners and … Winners

“Perfect, unparalleled, supreme, exclusive, unmatched, the best ever.” Reducing everything to a competition seems to be an option many choose to take up. “With this product you will be the envy of your friends,” “Use this and watch success leap into your life”…

We are all encouraged to make decisions based on how we can ‘get ahead’ of others. Comparative advertising is a technique much liked by those charged with ‘moving’ the greatest number possible of a variety of goods.

And why not, it works — just think about the recent boom in storage rental and the common desire to get rid of all the clutter we seem to have accumulated over the years.

In sport, winners need losers. Business is built on profit, although as we have seen recently ‘competing regardless of the rules’ ultimately leads to losses for many.

But what about more personal matters? If someone learns to read at fifty isn’t that a victory? Or the patient who through determination and self-belief manages to walk with crutches even if doctors say it’s a hopeless case? Sometimes just getting through the day is itself a victory, no?

We all win on a daily basis, and from the perspective of our own situation these victories can change our lives. Being better than someone else is not the criteria here, it’s a question of being our best. Living up to our potential makes us all winners.

Right now if you were to list your victories for today what would you write? Let your mind fly, your wins are there even if possibly disguised as daily chores and routine tasks.

Set down on paper, what are they saying about you, your potential, and your goals? Remember, this is not a competition, your victories are important. Whatever they are, you have accomplished them and hopefully they will enrich your life from now on.

If you would like to share your victories, I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, thanks for reading this.


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