About my training

To date I have provided more than 14,750 hours of training in the following areas of professional and personal development:

1) Coaching workshops in English and Italian

This offering consists of a series of coaching sessions presented in the form of performance-based experiential workshops.

As alternatives to more traditional forms of training, at the centre of these workshops are personal competences and interpersonal abilities, summed up by the idea of living and working effectively with heart. Though these are soft skills, their impact is often noticeable at a business level.

Further details can be found on the Workshops page.

2) University teaching in English

As an Adjunct Professor at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, I teach the postgraduate interfaculty (Arts and Philosophy, Economics, Political and social sciences) course Training through drama and coaching for work. The course consists of a series of lessons based on dramatic texts and elements of coaching to examine various work-related performance matters.

Further details can be found on the Books by Brian page.

In 2012, as a Visiting Professor, I taught my course at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow, Poland.

3) Marketing training development in English and Italian

Beginning with an initial observation and needs assessment, I design and deliver training programmes dealing with various aspects of marketing development. Each programme consists of a series of standalone modules created to address specific requirements integrating experiential learning and coaching.

Customer satisfaction, issues relating to internal communication, looking at core competencies from the clients’ perspective, the importance of the company image, and time management are just some of the modules popular with clients.

4) English language training

Whether requiring General English language training or Business English communication skills development, I provide customized lessons to individuals and corporate clients including multinationals, companies and professional practices.

Past clients include: ARCA SGR SpA, Compaq Computer SpA, Credit Suisse First Boston, Dell SpA, Escada Italia Srl, Fideuram Capita SpA and Luxottica Group SpA.

The next step

To evaluate how through these training offerings I can help you achieve your goals, please contact me via email or leave a comment below and we can set up a free no obligation appointment via the telephone, Skype or Google+ hangout.

It is the desire to walk that creates the path ahead Paulo Coelho

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